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1. The participants in the LISTENING DIALOGUE sit opposite each other.

2. The grey circle indicates the initial dialogue time of 15 minutes. The grey circle may be clicked a second time to extend the duration of the dialogue by another 15 minutes.

3. One person listens while the other talks. When the roles change there are 30 seconds of silence, indicated by the red circle. This thirty second silence is to enable participants to become aware of the echo of what has been said and how it has affected them.

4. Each time one of the participants clicks the red circle the roles change. This may happen at any time and any number of times.

5. The Listening-Dialogue starts when the person who would like to listen first clicks both circles. The first 30 seconds are silent. The other participant then begins to speak.

6. The theme to be inspected is agreed upon by participants beforehand.



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