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Topics that have already been chosen in the conversations inside the caravan   ⯈ ⯈ ⯈


Community life in Buir (the village Kerpen-Buir).

Can you grow old in Buir within the neighbourhood?

Gambling', games, computer games.

How can you work effectively with people who have different skills and have fun at the same time?

Why am I sitting here?

What kind of event/benefit can I imagine for our community at Buir railway station?

Hambi', the conflict over the Hambach Forrest.

What does homeland mean to me?

My life in Buir. The changes in the place and changes in my perception of the place.

The decrease of cultural techniques - reading, writing, handicrafts, tying shoes - in school children.

Insect-friendly gardens in Buir.

How can you live together like friends in Buir, even though you disagree so much?

What ideas are arround to make the village more 'attractive'?

The unconditional basic income.

The conflict over the 'Hambi' (Hambach forest / exit from brown coal mining) and how the conflict can be de-escalated.

Village life in Buir compared to city life.

What belongs to a happy life?

The exit from the brown coal mining.

The Nonviolence Concept.

Respect, appreciation, tolerance.

What can calm down the conflict between coal protesters and coal fans?

What is it like to live in Germany as a foreigner?

What belongs to a 'good' job?

Why do we so often say 'All is well' these days?

What is happiness for you?

How do we imagine the future of our village?

How do I feel in the present conflict situation in Buir?

Why do so many people get upset about 'ecos'?



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